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5 Reasons People Buy; An Impressive Guide For Both Buyer And Seller

There are reasons people buy products and services. Of course, products and services are made to be used and bought. As a customer, we want the best for ourselves and give the best version of ourselves to the people around us. 

As for marketer, these reasons are important to know just what was the hook that reel in customers to their products or services. So, these reasons are crucial for both customers and marketer; understanding the reasons make us both a more efficient buyer and seller. 

Here are the reasons people buy, be it for a product or a service. 


Price of products

All working class customers consider price first when buying. Who doesn’t, right? We want to pay the best price for the best deal. What is the best deal? What is the better deal? What is cheaper? Which place offers a lower price in the marketplace? 

As a customer, of course we want to pay a low price for the best benefits. If the price of something is significantly higher than usual, we would question it. 

But as a seller, a company, an enterprise, you can’t compete by price. There will always be someone who sells the same thing cheaper than you. Competing by price is not sustainable reasons people buy to apply for a company. 


Buyers also look at selection when buying. We want a range of selection to choose from, where you can even find things you weren’t looking for in one place. Having a vast selection to choose from is a win for any merchants. 

A better product or service is one for many functions, but having a wide selection of products, such as the Shopee application where we can buy various things in one application is also nice as it is time and energy efficient.

If you’re a seller, note this one particular reason people buy because this certainly catches a lot of customers!   


As a customer, we want quality that can rival time. A product that can withstand usage over time is a great investment. We want to use a product that we buy for a long time, surely. So, quality is definitely one of the most important aspects we look for when buying. 

Of course, as sellers, we also want to give the best to our customers. We want customers to fully trust us as a consistent quality product brand. We want customers to know their money is worth it, and the experiences they will have is nothing short of amazing. 

Sellers are already in tune with the importance of quality as a reason people buy. 


Not everyone can afford time. Most of us have to do so many things in such little time. Which is why convenience is important. Customers like you and me consider which products are easier to purchase. 

Which are easier to use? Which are easier to be maintained? Which can be purchased faster? These are the questions we ask ourselves before buying a product or service. Customers want products that increase pleasure and release pain. 

If you’re a seller, do take notes of these reasons people buy products or services.


Another thing that people particularly look for in a product or brand is personalization. We want products that are created specifically for us. Which product can make the customer more attached to it? Which product can give sentimental value to the customer? 

We even have attachment to a Coca Cola can with our name. The same especially works with things that have our name engraving. Another way a customer like us can feel attached to a brand is probably because we are loyal to the brand, which makes us buy the brand. 

All these reasons people buy are also a strong point in marketing. If you want to know more about marketing, you can read more here

We buy products that can give us the most benefits at the best price. Therefore, this list is functional to both seller and buyer. 

If you’re a seller, try enhancing these criteria in your marketing, and if you’re a customer, observe which reason you use most when buying products!

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