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Customer Avatar : 4 Easy Steps to Marketing

Marketing should be easy, but sometimes you can find it to be a bit tricky. The secret for your  successful and powerful marketing strategy is you have to have a customer avatar. 

What is a customer avatar? Customer avatar is a way to personify and visualize your customers and provide all their wants and needs so your product or service can have successful marketing. 

Your customer is who your business target is. Your avatar is what helps you to imagine what your customer would be like, how they would behave and what they would want and need. 

Your customer avatar must have these four elements. Boost your business by creating a marketing material according to your customer avatar. 

What does a customer avatar need? There are four angles to take into account when creating a customer avatar, here are the four customer avatar attributes:

Goals and values

Goals and Values of Customers

When creating a customer avatar, the first thing you need to know is what their goals are. 
Are they students? Their goals must involve being successful in academia. Are they housewives? Their goals must involve their familys’ happiness. Are they teachers? They must want the best for their students. 

These things matter to your customer avatar because you need to know how your product or service can help them with their goals. When you know their goals, now you know from which angle you can promote your product or service to attract them. 

Acquiring their life values is also important. Do they value their time? Teachers and students do, but housewives and corporate workers might value quality more over time. Do they value efficiency? Or do they value consistency?

These values indicate what they look for in a product or service. Your customers are more likely to seal the deal with you when you market your product or service as something that agrees with their life values, as they will trust you to honour it. 

Sources of information

Now you have your customers’ goals and values. What do you do next? You find out where they get their information from. Is it from their local newspaper? Radio station? Local television channel? 

You can decide where to look for your customers, and how. If their source of information is the news outlet, have an advertisement showing on prime time news. If they listen to the radio station regularly, hire a voice actor to promote your product! 

Their source of information is crucial for your business, this helps you ensure your product reaches them when you do your marketing, and surveys who competitors also have the same idea as you.

When you know their source of information, you can create an advertisement that is the right one from them, and for you. When you get this right, it is only a matter of time before you have more customers!

Challenges and pain points

Challenges and pain points are your customers’ worries and insecurities, and your business opportunities. You have to know what kind of challenges they face everyday so that you can channel a suitable product or service their way. 

Say, for instance, they can not stay energized at their workplace. You can come through and tell them that you sell energy drinks! Highlight how they can overcome their frustrations when they choose your products. 

When you alleviate customers’ pain, they will trust your products as a reliable brand, and establish your business in the marketplace. Life Story Research elaborated on this here.

Your customer avatar with challenges and pain points listed down are sure to produce a marketing strategy that will fit the target customer. 

Objections and role

Objections and the role of customers of your customer avatar let you know how they would react to your product or service. Some customers might be interested in your product but are still reluctant in buying. 

You must want your customers to use your product instantly, right? So, why did they object? Why are they still thinking of buying your product? Overcoming their objections means they have no reason to not buy your product. 

So, it’s important to anticipate objections when making a product or service. But don’t leave it at anticipating the objections. You must also have counter-points about your product or service to persuade your customer into believing you. 

The role of the customer is the type of consumer they are, if they are. Are they the breadwinner of the family? A child? A teenager? Your marketing material might differ depending on who’s role you cater to. 

So now you have your customer avatar, you must be thinking, “so now what?” And you’re absolutely right. You can’t stop here at your customer avatar.

The customer avatar is not a marketing strategy, it is a guideline on how to create a marketing strategy that is functional and ensures you never lose sight of your business goals.

If you want to try digital marketing using a Chatbot, we have just the content for you here!

Now that you have your customer avatar, you can create a marketing strategy that best fits your customer! 

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